The Norwegian Girls Choir, directed by Anne Karin Sundal-Ask, is a choir with proud traditions and high artistic standards. The choir is composed of singers from the Oslo area who are admitted through auditions.

The Norwegian Girls Choir is an independent continuation of The Norwegian Broadcasting Company’s Girls Choir, which was established in 1947. The choir has long been a strong institution in Norwegian cultural life, and it has fostered a number of great singers, musicians and artists.

The choir’s ambition is to be a learning environment that helps the girls develop into independent musicians and artists, with strong musical expressiveness that can touch both the audience and the singers themselves. In this environment the girls develop their understanding, experience, and interest in music, with some subsequently performing at a high professional level. Norway’s foremost contemporary composers have written new music for the choir, leading to acclaimed performances of these works across Norway as well as abroad.

Anne Karin Sundal-Ask has been the conductor and artistic director of The Norwegian Girls Choir since the spring of 2005. She has training as a conductor, flutist, and music teacher. In addition to directing The Norwegian Girls Choir, she teaches conducting at The Norwegian Academy of Music. She has also served as a judge for international choir competitions. Sundal-Ask has received several prizes and awards for her work, and has led a number of choirs to victories in international competitions. She is committed to the pursuit of excellence, and is inspiring as a leader.

She has a unique ability to communicate her musical vision to the singers so that each one performs to her utmost. Sundal-Ask’s focus on intonation, quality of sound, and ensemble performance has become a trademark. Together with the choir she continuously strives to create moving and expressive performances.

Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, has recently become the official patron of the Norwegian Girls Choir. This honor recognizes the high quality and significant

Financial times, september 2015

“Asylos brought together the outstanding Norwegian Girls Choir with Gregorian women’s choir Schola Sancta Sunnivae and mezzo soprano Marianne Beate Kielland for a lavish and sweeping piece on themes of exodus and common humanity. [Composer Maja] Ratkje made theatrical use of the space, and the young singers dazzled with their energy, focus and flawless intonation.”

Fredrikstads blad, 2016

“There are few musical ensembles that manage to provoke goosebumps from head to toe from the first note, the first second of a concert. The Norwegian Girls Choir is one of them…”

Aftenposten, August 2016

“…impressed by the singers, most of them teenagers, who elegantly handled the challenges of [Maja] Ratkje’s work under Anne Karin Sundal-Ask’s leadership.”